What is W-WAN?

Worldwide Women’s Action Network (W-WAN) is an English-language blog with articles selected and translated from the website of Women's Action Network (WAN), a Japanese non-profit organization. W-WAN aims to inform people worldwide of the activities and activism by and for women in Japan.

Women's Action Network consists of several subcategories including:

B-WAN (Bookstore)
It is an Internet Bookstore with books and DVDs catered to women’s interests. We introduce and recommend works through special articles to help you discover a different world.
Purchasing books and other products online through our B-WAN site that links to Amazon or its affiliates, not only gives you the usual purchase points, but part of the proceeds will go to support WAN’s activities.

A-WAN (Art Gallery)
We introduce a wide range of photos, fine arts, performances, stage plays, concerts, films, and other creative activities produced and conducted by women.

C-WAN (Cinema)
We introduce and give critics on movies and DVDs, introduce rare movies related to specific theme, and evaluate movies from all aspects.

Chizuko Ueno’s Web Office
The Chief Director of WAN, Chizuko Ueno, shares her thoughts in “Chizuko’s Blog”, provides information on her lecture schedule in “Chizuko’s Scheduler” and dates and application method for participating in her seminars in “Ueno Seminar”.

M-WAN (Marketplace)
We introduce products recommended for women by women and provide information on food products sold only through online order. Also introduces and sells handmade items and products made by women.

P-WAN (Connects Politics and Citizens)
We upload current news vital to women. We also connect citizens and organizations to suitable Dietwomen throughout the nation.

WAN Brochure Translated by M. Doioka
Posted by Aya Kitamura

WAN brochure update is available from:

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