Purple Hot Line for Women in Need for Consultation

Let us hear from you.

Purple Hot Line is a toll-free number you can call anytime, anywhere in case you need immediate help as a result of natural disaster, accident, violence, or at time you are faced with overwhelming difficulties or damages.


You will be connected to someone who will support you and will try to work out your problems together.

Women suffering from the following should call immediately: -

l  Receiving physical abuse such as DV, rape, and sexual harassment

l  Victims of disasters

(Calls from women who become victims of disasters will have priority. For those are receiving DV, sexual abuse, power harassments can speak with lawyers available to give free consultation)

l  Involved in child abuse

l  Need consultation on being a sexual minority

l  Non-Japanese women in any of the above situation can call on days and time listed below.

(Please refer to the following list for days and time for specified languages)

Tagalog                  Mon – Thurs       13:00-18:00

English                   Mon – Thurs       13:00-18:00

Thai                       Fri & Sat             13:00-18:00

Chinese                  Wed                   13:00-17:00

Korean                   Thurs                 13:00-17:00

Spanish                  Wed                  13:00-18:00

Specialized Consultation

l  Legal Matters           Tue & Thurs        10:00-17:00

l  Single Mother           Tue       10:00-21:00  /  Thurs    10:00-17:00

We promise you that you will be connected to a supporter!

“Things you hesitate to say face-to-face, we will say them for you”.

Please tell us about your worries and insecurities about specific needs, such as not getting items or the protection you need to feel safe.

If you need a separate tent as a changing room, street lights to feel safer at night, or whatever, we will try our best to contact the department/section in charge of crime prevention for them to deal with the problems.

Email address:  saigai@nwsnet.or.jp

Dealing with the Gender Equality Bureau of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

l  Dealing with disaster based on the needs of women and childcare

l  For support of victims of Great Eastern Japan Earthquake based on the needs of women and childcare

You can see more on the following URL:  http://www.gender.go.jp/saigai.html

Organizer:         NPO National Women’s Net Shelter

Cooperator:       Japan Federation of Bar Associations

Supporter:         Cabinet Office / Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Translated and adapted by M. Doioka

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