Procedure, terms and conditions for free online counseling in English for women living in Japan

If you need counseling about your problem, you can send in an email describing your problem to: counseling@wan.or.jp and write in “Counseling” in the subject slot.
In order to receive appropriate advice, please follow the procedures listed below and agree to the terms and conditions which are essential for this service to function.

1) Write your nickname, place of residence, age and occupation.
I.e. Kyoko (Tokyo, 25 years old, company employee)

2) Please keep the text within 450 words (approx. 1 page of A4 size).
Note: Before we put up your text on our website, we may have to change certain expression if we find it inappropriate and/or unsuitable, but the content will not be altered extensively.

3) The condition for providing our free counseling is that it is done only online and not to respond individually.
4) If the counselor receives more cases than she can handle, please understand that the selection will be made by the topic of problem which pertains to other women seeking similar advice.

5) You will neither be notified whether the problem you submitted will be selected for online counseling or not nor the date it will appear on our website if it is so selected.
We regret not being able to respond to everyone’s problems as well as responding immediately.

Hopefully you will understand our intension and limitation of online counseling service.
It is also our wish that through this service, many women can share the problem introduced and empathize with the woman seeking advice.

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