Book review: You should think through all by yourself!−−"Evil Ideas for Survival" by Rieko Saibara

"Evil Ideas for Survival"
Written by Rieko Saibara
(Bungei Shunju, 20/07/2012)

The author Rieko Saibara answers various questions in this book. For instance, a writer, Yukito Ayatsuji asks Saibara, who remains creative and energetic, how she can keep such tremendous energy for creative works. Her answer is quite simple: "I'm in debt.(JPY140 million)". Hmm, that makes sense. And to the company employee who gets irritated by an useless subordinate, says Saibara, "If you see him/her as a screw, you won't get mad." It's a word of wisdom.

We all are attracted by words from writers such as Rieko Saibara and Usagi Nakamura who base their writings on their own unique challenges. Their words are richer in texture and more convincing than the hard-minded words of scholars and critics. That is probably because their words are expressed through their minds at the risk of their career. But, you see, the reason what Saibara says is so amusing is because she thinks through all by herself. Although Saibara's words make sense, it doesn't seem right to seek my answers among them. What I learned from this book is this: " You should think through all by yourself." That's it.

Original article written by IIta (17/12/2012) (http://wan.or.jp/book/?p=4412)
Translated by T. Muramatsu

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