Book Review for “ECCE HOMO -- Essay on Men”

THERMAE ROMAE “ is a blockbuster Japanese comic series which connects Ancient Rome and contemporary Japan through bathing culture.

Mari Yamazaki, author of the series, talks in depth about cool guys of all ages and cultures and their extraordinary skills and fertile visions, from Hadrian and Raphael to Kobo Abe and Steve Jobs. All of them are cosmopolitan men who defied the established ways of doing things and opened up new dimensions. The lives of these men evoke the image of Yamazaki’s own life in which she went to Italy at the age of 17 and has traveled around the world since.

One of the best things we can learn from this book might be the suggestions of how we ourselves can lay a path to a new age; how every one of us can “sow seeds of renaissance,” as Yamazaki tells us while shaking up Japan’s introverted and passive mentality. 

This is a powerful book, which would give a good kick up the backside to women who want to live a more ambitious life and also to men who want to come out of their shells.

Original article written by Nanami Torishima, the editor (http://wan.or.jp/book/?p=7595)
Translated by A. Tawara

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