Fundraising for Fishermen Fighting Nuclear Power in Iwaishima: The Sea is for Everyone, not for Sale

Iwaishima, a small, heart-shaped island that lies in the Inland Sea of Japan, needs your help and needs it fast.

Iwaishima Island has long faced Chugoku Electric Power’s plans to build a nuclear power plant along the Inland Sea. Ninety percent of local fishermen are united against the plans, and their resolve has been strengthened all the more since the TEPCO disaster in Fukushima. While Chugoku Electric Power has offered 1.08 billion yen as compensation, the fishermen have repeatedly refused the money as a sign of their firm stance against the nuclear plant.

In the meantime, as the local population ages and decreases, Iwaishima’s fishing business has been in decline. Individual fishermen have been making up for business losses, estimated at 10 million yen since 2013, through their own pensions. Locals worry how much longer this situation can continue, given the severe economics that surround Iwaishima fishery. Because officially turning down Chugoku Electric's compensation money requires a majority in the fishermen’s union, the need for outside financial support has become urgent.

Our goal is to raise five million yen and deliver it to Iwaishima on July 21, Marine Day, Japan's national holiday for celebrating the sea. Your financial support would be highly appreciated as the fishermen carry on their fight against nuclear power.

We ask for donations starting from one thousand yen. Please make transfers to our Japan Post Bank account.

Transferring from Japan Post Bank
Account number: 01320-0-90176
Account holder: Minna no umi no kai

Transferring from other banks
Branch name: Ichi san kyu
Account type: Checking
Account number: 0090176
Account holder: Minna no umi no kai

Organized by:
Masae Yuasa (Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link)
Shin Yamaaki (Author of "People Who Will Not Let Nuclear Plants Be Built -- From Iwaishima to the Future --")
Aya Hanabusa (Director of Houri no Shima)

Contact: minnanoumi0721@yahoo.co.jp

Original Article from Team Zero Net on WAN website
Summary translated by Aya Kitamura

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