Event Information: "Empowering Women to Flourish and Shine"

Empowering Women to Flourish and Shine
Date and Time: 20th November 10.00-16.00
Hosted by: Ambassador Radinck J. van Vollenhoven of the Netherlands, at the residence at Shibakoen 3-6-3, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Lunch and refreshments: Included
Cost: ¥10,000 per person (this is to cover food and resources)
If you plan on attending, please contact:
Impact would like to invite you to join us at our second facilitated Flourish workshop where we will be creating powerful, implementable strategies that empower women in Japan to Flourish and Shine. We are committed to ensuring that the fantastic energy and momentum started by the World Assembly for Women (WAW! Tokyo) and Shine Weeks continues to grow and we would like to work with you to create sustainable solutions that will support women to become inspirational leaders of the future.

Sue Hunt - Former Director of Strategic Programs for the London Olympics and Paralympics and Global Ambassador for Flourish
Sue will share her experiences of being a female leader throughout the set up, delivery and running of the Games and also 20 years of leadership and change at Goldman Sachs, including 7 years as International Treasurer. Sue is an inspirational and motivating speaker, authentically speaking from the heart about her passion and experience. She is a true example of a female leader who has an enviable balance of both feminine and masculine leadership energies.

Denis Murphy - Motivational Key Speaker
Denis will lead a group experience focused on unlocking self-limiting beliefs by releasing fears. He will do this by helping us to realise that we are creating the world around us. His philosophy, that if we change, everyone around us changes will reinforce the Flourish message that we can all be Agents of Change. Using techniques that enable us to purposefully use our imaginations, Denis will help us to start behaving and feeling differently.

David Williams - Founder and CEO of Impact International
As CEO of an international, people development organisation that has an equal balance of male and female leadership at the top of the organisation, David is a fantastic example of a male leader who understands the need to empower and develop women. It is with David’s mentoring and support that Tiffany Newell, Head of Innovation for Impact, created the Global Flourish Initiative.

Ambassador Radinck-van Vollenhoven - Executive Mentor for Flourish
The Ambassador will welcome guests and give a short speech about why he has volunteered to be an Executive Male Mentor for Flourish and why he believes empowering women in Japan and across the world is important and necessary. The Ambassador will also provide closing comments at the end of the day.
Koshiro Kitazato - Executive Mentor for Flourish and International Trustee, Kiwanis International, Former Chairman, BT Japan
Kitazato-san will give a short speech about why he has volunteered to be an Executive Male Mentor for Flourish, why he thinks creating empowering cultures is important and some insights and ideas about what he believes Japan needs to do.

Impact Flourish Team: Tiffany Newell, Patricia Bader Johnston, Sarah Furuya, Charlotte Tiley, Zoe Cobb

Tiffany (Kelly) Newell
Head of Innovation
Impact International
Mob +44 (0)7795 592837

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