Nominations sought for Flourish Program in Japan (Nov. 25-26)

The following information has been provided to us by Impact International.

From the program brochure


Flourish is a pioneering leadership journey for female leaders. It is a truly transformational 6-month experiential journey of self-discovery and personal action. Combining leadership development and business skills with well being, resilience and self mastery, we enable participants to flourish in all aspects of life leading to individual empowerment and sustainable change.


Flourish is more than a personal development program; it’s a ‘whole self program’. Flourish digs deep to help you to discover who you really are and will enable you to look at what makes you special, how you can utilise your strengths and be honest about your weaknesses. Flourish is about how you relate to and have an influence on others in all elements of your life.

Flourish goes beyond individual development, and seeks to address the organisations and cultures that we work within, in order to address issues of diversity in the workplace. Flourish will enable you to engage with your organisation and together develop commitments to change.

Flourish will allow you to:

  • Develop your leadership capacity and recognise the difference you can make
  • Unlock your ability to lead from the heart,
  • Create the spark to drive your business and inspire commitment.
  • Address the balance you must make between the pressures of work, family and leisure
  • Become a part of a new generation of leaders for a new world.
  • Know who you really are (and you are not be afraid of the answers)
  • Address self limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential
  • Develop a global network and support system
  • Help you to create organisational cultures that empower and encourage all women to bring their whole self to work as leaders

Who is Flourish For?

Flourish is for women who are leaders/manager of leaders/managers or individual contributors at the same level. We are looking for nominations from key influencers who through the program can create and embed sustainable culture change. For the open program we can only accept a maximum of two nominations per cohort from one organisation.

This is so we can create a diverse network or participants in our Flourish alumni.

Timeline for involvement

Program timeline

  • 31st October: booking form signed and sent back
  • 3rd November: Welcome and joining instructions sent via Flourish Platform
  • 3-21st November: Self Audit Task and 1:1 Coaching


  •  Module 1: 25-26th November (Kodosan Temple, Yokohama)
  • Module 2: 14-15th January (Central Tokyo - EGG Japan)
  • Module 3: 5-6th March (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
  • Module 4: 30th April (Central Tokyo - tbc)

Program Fees

The cost is USD$10,000 per person and includes all modules, materials, access to the online resource and global contributors.

Flourish Overview

Flourish – Engaging Male Leadership

To create sustainable cultural and mindset change in the organisations of our Flourish participants we have created a complimentary programme and mentor resource for senior male leaders who agree to encourage and support their female colleagues. This programme is essential for the success of Flourish and for embedding behaviour change that will cascade throughout the organisation.

The journey of the male leaders will be a parallel journey with intersections along the way. This will ensure the male participants hear the stories of the female leaders and that together they work to create sustainable change within their organization. The Male Leaders will be invited to join Flourish for Modules two and three and will be offered personal development (Coaching and Empowering Women) before module three and also mentoring and coaching from our Male Executive Mentors. Male involvement in Flourish, although not mandatory, is recommended for sustainable culture

Women in Leadership is not a ‘women’s issue’, it’s a diversity issue that requires a cultural shift within organisations and the systems they operate within. Flourish for men is a parallel programme for the men within your organisations who can help to influence this change. It provides them with an opportunity to better understand diversity issues and barriers, and to the work with you to create sustainable and meaningful change in the workplace.

As a part of the Self Audit we ask participants to identify the men in their organisation who you would like to join you on this journey. Their journey will start If they sign up at this stage and they will receive a 10% discount.

Male Development Fees

The cost is USD$3,000 per person and includes coaching development, materials, access to the online resource and global contributors.

Flourish Content

Module 1: Self Mastery
2 day Residential
Location: Kodosan Temple, Yokohama
The Self Mastery module allows participants to develop an increased awareness of what holds them back and of their unique leadership strengths. The module will introduce key concepts that will be cornerstones of the Flourish programme including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Wellbeing
  • ‘The Workplace’
  • Tribal leadership concepts
  • Self Disclosure & Feedback

Module 2: Leadership as Action
Location: Tokyo – EGG Japan
The Leadership as Action module allows participants to develop their perspectives on leadership along with their own leadership capacity. The module will incorporate previous concepts from Module 1 and will delve further into the idea of Leadership as Action. They will have an opportunity to investigate what leadership means to others, and to put their own leadership into practice to better understand how they show up as a leader. The module will help participants put the theory and concepts into real world & business context. During this module the participants will also engage with the Male Flourish Leaders who they’ve identified.

Module 3: Brave new Workplace
Location: Tokyo - Miraikan
Brave new workplace allows participants to consider how they will actually bring about change. To recognise their responsibility to do so, the limitations they may have put on themselves and what it takes to implement the change – in terms of courage and support.

Module 4: Storytelling
Location: Tokyo - Miraikan
The storytelling module will be a high-profile event where each of the Flourish participants will have an opportunity to share her experience and the change that she has started to create. This story may be shared with the Flourish men from her organisation and others who have been a support to her.

To make a nomination or to find out more please contact:
Tiffany.newell@impactinternational.com - Flourish Creator and Facilitator
Yutaka@impact-japan.com - Impact Japan Country Manager
Impact Japan: +81 (0)3 5371 6678

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