Online petition: Please do not approve the re-opening of nuclear power plants!

Sign a petition to the Governor of Fukui Prefecture Issei Nishikawa: 
“Please do not approve the re-opening of nuclear power plants!” 

“Do Not Re-open Nuclear Power Plants Any Longer!” Fukui Prefectural Residents’ Petition Executive Committee has been working on a signature campaign to send the petitions to the Governor of Fukui Prefecture not to approve the re-opening of nuclear power plants.  

Please join the petition. Online petition is available from: http://fukui.jpn.org/international/eng.html
If you are able to spread the campaign, it is very much welcomed, too. The committee gathers signatures not only from Fukui but also from other prefectures in Japan.

For more information, please visit: http://fukui.jpn.org/international/
( Reported by Harumi Kondaiji )

Original article: http://net.wan.or.jp/tzn/2015/01/10/

Adopted and Translated by Shin Yamaaki


A human chain for "Women's Peace" issued a red card to the Abe administration.

   Over 7,000 women and men dressed in red gathered and surrounded the Diet forming a human chain to raise their voices for peace and to say "No" against the runaway Abe administration on January 17th, 2015. They consider a wide range of policies pushed under the Abe administration as pro-war, especially the approval of the right to collective defense.


   Wearing red comes from the Icelandic Redstocking movement. The protest chain was formed four times on that day and at times reached 2 kilometers. Various advocates delivered strong speeches and encouraged people to lead lifestyles of peace and friendship.

Original article: http://wan.or.jp/emergency/?p=1886
Adopted and Translated by Naoko Uchibori